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About Serenity

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- Identity Development

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We are in the process of developing support groups and would love to know what topics are most important to you. Please send us a quick suggestion!

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Meet Dr. Mukulika

"Nothing in life is more important than unconditional love, a sense of belonging, respect and acceptance for oneself and others. All relationships are based on us being able to give and receive this."

Meet Amelia

You too may have often heard...

"Therapy is a waste of money."

"People who go to therapy are weak"

"Only those with mental disorders need therapy"

Unfortunately, for years, we have lived in a world that has been judgemental about people seeking therapy. People bruise their leg and seek immediate help. People bruise their minds, but live in suffering for years. The belief that the health of our mind is not as important as physical health has been deeply inculcated amongst us. That said, in recent years, the stigma surrounding mental health is significantly diminishing, leading to a transformative shift in societal attitudes. While people are finally learning about the benefits and impact of therapy, there are a few who are still sceptical about it.  As a psychotherapist with more than 30 years of experience, I truly believe every human deserves to access therapy support. It is about time we stopped seeing counselling as a treatment and more like a way of living. It is time we start creating an environment where seeking mental health is seen not only as a positive but more importantly, a responsible choice.

We thus thought of doing our bit to break these stereotypes and enumerate the issues generally taken up in therapy. Issues both you and I confront in our day-to-day lives. Issues that need not indicate a severe mental health anomaly. Issues that may look simple but silently affect one’s quality of life. Issues, that CAN be addressed and treated with therapy.



"My boyfriend is very insecure. While I try to be as understanding as possible, at times it gets out of hand. I can't even have a girls’ night without a hundred questions. From what I should not be wearing to who I should not be talking to, he controls everything. This behavior suffocates me."


"My girlfriend keeps comparing me to her friend’s boyfriends, highlighting how I am not as good as they are. I feel unappreciated and inadequate."

We help you explore your attachment style, how to set boundaries and heal broken relationships/friendships.

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