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The Birth of Serenity Space

Serenity Space was established to make a difference for people struggling to cope with everyday problems, especially the ones who feel they are not understood and have nowhere to go for assistance. People frequently struggle in life with what seems to be insurmountable problems. They find themselves overwhelmed at critical junctures and need to talk about their concerns and explore their options in a safe and confidential environment.


Everyone faces difficulties and some of us cope better than others. How a person looks at life and chooses a path to travel can decide whether the journey is a calm flow of positive energy laced with peaceful acceptance or a constant struggle with their internal beliefs and self-confidence leading them to question the value of their existence.

We provide private sessions online and offline at our clinic. Also taking sessions at Hiranandani Hospital, Powai and Bethany Hospital, Thane.

Timings are available on the booking page.


We believe

"It is important to have a healthy regard for yourself, have a strong sense of conviction in what you believe and be clear and firm on how you express yourself.  If people respect themselves, it is easy to extend the same to others. We aim to help others in this journey, develop a strong and healthy relationship with everyone, starting with themselves."

What Clients Say About Us

 Our reviews are currently in Practo, but bookings are only available on this website.

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